How to prepare for your senior portrait: - MJPlocki Photography

Follow these guidelines from Everyday Health  to prepare for your senior portrait:

Relax!  You probably have not been to a photo shoot before so might feel a bit nervous.  No need!  This is a great time to have a bit of fun.  Don't worry, we will still get the shots your parents want also.  Do some research.  Have an idea of the poses you would like to try.  Practice them.  Remember the season of your shoot.  You will not get a photo of yourself lounging in a field of flowers in September and October.  You are the model and the model and photographer work as a team to present you at your best. 

*  Choosing Outfits

    - Choose several outfits in a variety of styles and colors. 

    -  The camera's job is to see variations in light, including those caused by spots, snags and wrinkles.  Be sure to clean and iron your clothing and transport it to the shoot using a method that keeps them crisp.

    - Select solid colors that compliment your style and skin tones.  Avoid words, logos, designs or stripes.  One exception is for sports or other uniforms. 

    - Bring layers and long sleeves.  This is particularly true in cooler weather but is also true in the summer as the brightness of skin can dominate the photo.


*  Makeup (it's for guys too!)

   -  Moisturizer can cause your skin to appear shinny to the camera.  If you normally wear moisturizer it is best skip it the night before and the morning of your shoot. 

   -  You normally want to look your best.   This applies to portrait day.  There is no need to do more.  Apply your makeup normally.

   -  Don't worry about minor pimples or blemishes.  These can be fixed on the image later. 

   -  Bring your makeup if you have it, including powder, with you so we can adjust for touch ups or special lighting conditions.

   -  Avoid wearing any glittery makeup as it tends to reflect back as white spots on the image.  Gloss can make you look like you are drooling so it is best to avoid gloss as well.

*  Hair

   -  If possible, have a friend or a salon prepare your hair for the session.  Again, the camera picks up many details our brains filter out, including flyaway hair.  Some of this I can fix after the shoot but it is easiest to get it right in the camera.  Be sure to bring a small mirror and a hairbrush.

   -  Keep the style simple and one you are familiar with. 

   -  Guys need a fresh trim and shave.

*  Nails

   -  Unless you are known for your nail designs, keep nails trimmed and colored with a neutral color.  Consider giving yourself a mani and pedi (for open toed shoes) the day before your session.

*  Accessories

   -  Remember to bring accessories for each outfit

   -  Keep accessories simple so as not to distract from you. 

   -  If you wear glasses, consider asking your optician for a loaner pair that has the lenses removed.  Lenses can cause quite a bit of glare and hide your eyes.

   -  Bring a beach towel to put your things for outdoor shoots.

   -  Feel free to bring props to showcase your high school sports, music or other passions.

*  Family and Friends

   -  You are welcome to bring someone with you.  Bring a parent or one friend that can help you relax and help with clothing changes.

*  Weather

   -  Don't worry if you have an outdoor shoot scheduled and the weather looks gloomy.  Photos actually look great in gloomy weather.  But if it is raining we can reschedule.


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